May 1st 2020 marked the launch of a broad movement to put an end to the systemic madness revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We call for actions on the 1st of every month. Take action on August 1st!


People’s Strike and the Uprising
An Open Letter to All Forces Fighting For Our Lives


People’s Strike is a growing coalition of workers, community, and political organizations confronting the COVID-19 pandemic by struggling against inept and corrupt government and the forces of capital (banks, corporations, brokers, etc). that put profit before the people and the planet.

What We Are Fighting For:

We are fighing their attempts to force us back to work against scientific evidence and reasoning. They are attempting to restore their profits and the relations of inequality that worsened this pandemic for Indigenious, Black, Latino, and other vulnerable communities

We are organizing emergency relief and various forms of mutual aid to provide working people and communities with the resources they need to survive and thrive during this pandemic.

We are building new forms of cooperative and community production to produce
for community need and political autonomy and community governance to create
a more equitable and just society.

People’s Strike! August 1 Broadcast noon - 8:00 p.m. EDT

Live stream from this site is being restricted by Youtube. Clicking above will take you to the feed there (from the beginning). We will attempt to correct this in Part 2.

The Call and Demands

The CODVID-19 pandemic has starkly revealed the inequalities and injustices that daily plague the world. The triple crisis of viral plague, systemic economic breakdown, and the failure and/or unwillingness of Governments to provide necessary protections, especially for the poor and people subjected to white supremacy, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, and misogyny has thrown us into a fight for our lives.

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