International Call for Support: Confronting the Crisis of the US Presidential Transition & its Global Implications

International Call for Support: Confronting the Crisis of the US Presidential Transition & its Global Implications

We live in tumultuous times. The core capitalist countries are rapidly abandoning any pretense of democracy and advancing toward war. We, the oppressed and working-class peoples of the world, must take decisive action to stop the advance of authoritarianism as well as the status quo ante of racial capitalism and the neoliberal agenda that delivered us to this moment. We must resist this advance and also forge the path toward transformative social relations and a just world.  

Like many countries touting democratic credentials, right-wing forces in the US  are threatening and assaulting progressive forces with deadly intent and outcomes. Just as globally, progressive forces in the US have been militantly confronting repressive and exploitative institutions since the start of the pandemic, and long before. These forces stand juxtaposed in epic conflict and contrast. As the foremost imperialist power, the US state is wreaking havoc in countries across the world and murdering with impunity, jettisoning us further into ecological and climate collapse.

Behind the present conflict is a struggle for power to direct and transform society in the US and much of the world. At this moment, a critical backdrop of this contest is the US elections for President and Congress. President Trump has made it clear that the elections will be contentious and contested, regardless of outcome; that he will not leave the White House and that he will call out his white supremacist militia.  While these efforts to remain in power, advance its fascist agenda and repress the 2020 uprisings must be stopped, we also recognize the systemic nature of the enemy we face. We must also be prepared to upend the efforts of the Biden campaign and the DNC, to return to a status quo based upon ecological degradation and the exploitation, oppression, and dispossession of the working class, particularly Black, Indigenous and other People of Color in the US and across the globe.* The stakes could not be higher.

In recognition that our struggles are interconnected, and our working-class unity represents our greatest strength, we call upon all who are able, to join in acting decisively to continue the fight toward downsizing and abolishing the US empire and all its forces the world over. We must render them obsolete and impotent through grassroots organizing, mass mobilization and resistance, disruption of business as usual, actively building and modelling our social structures and relationships outside of racial capitalism, defending and protecting each other and our Mother Earth.

In the US, the People’s Strike is building towards a general strike. We recognize and stand with all those who are in struggle around the globe. We work towards building relationships, class unity and solidarity worldwide and in that spirit, call upon our global community in struggle:

  • To engage efforts to pressure governments around the world to refuse ratification of the results of the election and declaration of a winner, until every ballot is counted;  
  • Paralleling actions that will be taken across the US, to protest in front of US consulates and embassies abroad on Wednesday, November 4th and Saturday November 7th, regardless of the outcome; and
  • To take every possible action to pressure the US and allied governments to close all US military bases abroad and immediately end the US sanctions that are throttling the lives of at least one third of humanity and make it even more difficult for them to confront the current health, economic and climate crises.

Let us together send a clear message that the people of the world are rising and uniting to demand that the economic, environmental, social and health needs of humanity and the planet be the priority. We look forward to building our collective power with you!

Please join us in taking action to Stop Trump, Stop Austerity, End US Imperialism, and Build the Future We Need.   

The time is now!

People’s Strike

October 2020


*People’s Strike Pledge of Resistance

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