May Day Actions

May Day 2021

Millions take part in May Day 2020 People's Strike

Puerto Rico Colonialism Is the Virus MayDay 2020

Women's Poetry + Prose for a People's Strike: Roses & Bread at 25!

From Pandemic to Power Building - Center for Economic Democracy

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Climate justice and the COVID-19 pandemic

Love in the Time of Babel and Covid-19

Outsourcing labour in the time of Covid-19

Covid19 and the debt crisis


NOW! (1965) dir. Santiago Álvarez

Tulsa Race Riot

Poem by Maggie Moonsamey

Calls for General Strike Grow! - Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar

Rent Strikes, General Strike

What COVID-19 tells us about racial capitalism

Covid-19 and struggles of Syria

Campaign for a global abolitionist movement in the time of Covid

Gacheke Gachihi, Kenya, on repression in the time of Covid-19

Actions Since 5/1/20

The School to Prison Pipeline in Pandemic Hyper drive

COVID-19, Racism and White Supremacy. Interview with Kali Akuno

Unearthing Justice in the time of COVID-19

What Covid tells us about racism and labour practices in USA

Palestine: Between hammer of occupation and rock of Covid

Haiti and organising in the time of Covid-19


Nina Viva on Radio KPOO: Conversations with Essential Workers Striking For Life



Nina Viva on Radio Kpoo: Cuba’s Commitment to Public Health



Kali Akuno and Rosa Clemente in Conversation - KPFA




Monthly Review - COVID-19 and Circuits of Capital

2020 Election Year Is an Opportunity for Transformational
Change If We Embrace Our Power

A critical analysis of the response to COVID-19

National Lawyers Guild Statement of Support for Legal Observers Targeted and Brutalized by Police

Trump, neo-fascism, and the COVID-19

UK Health Workers Strike

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Mike Davis on pandemics, super-capitalism and the struggles of tomorrow

2020 Election Year Is an Opportunity for Transformational
Change If We Embrace Our Power

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